An angelic fairy, protector of the faerie realm

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It is an angelic fairy, who has come here to right the wrongs - that is, kill the evildoers and then maybe fix things. She, or he, you really cannot tell, is very beautiful, in very androgynous way. He has pretty and colourful butterfly wings, and she also has small buds for breasts, of pecs, hard to tell. She is tall, almost two meters, and he has long golden hair, about half her height. A green halo hovers above his head.
Angelic fairy's equipment:

Belt: a plain white belt

Both legs and upper body: a beautiful cream robe

Head: a black mask with red hood

Spells: heal self, magic eruption
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Faerie forest
Alignment: Missing alignment
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: 471k