An exquisitely crafted short sword

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The short sword is about two or three feet long and made of some kind of metal that looks almost magical in itself. The sword itself is a fine piece of craftmanship indeed. The blade is sturdy, but still sharp enough to split a hair in two. The blade also seems to shimmer in the dark, almost as if light itself was dancing on the edge of it. The hilt seems to be made of the same magical metal and the craftmanship is at least as exquisite as the blade. There's a partly faded text ingraved in the blade.
Weapon type: short sword
Stats: +10 enhance criticals, +asphyxiation damage
It looks very light (4.199 kg)
Sacvalue: 1940k
It is called 'short', 'sword', 'short sword' and 'sword of divinities'
Made of mithril
Size: somewhat small
Quality: exceptional
From: LQ:71 the ritual of sacrifice after killing Henry Amberley in Brimshire
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: also known as 'henry shortblade'