An odd looking futuristic polearm

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an odd looking futuristic polearm (glowing) <red glow>
It is a long steel pipe attached to a wooden handle. On the other end of the pipe is attached a long dagger-like blade. The blade, made of some strange magical metal, seems detachable, but as it has no proper handle, it is better to leave it on. On the underside of the wooden handle, near the attach point of the pipe and the handle, is a small metal lever, protected by a small metal arc. The overall quality of this artifact is certainly above average, even the handle is of high quality wood, perhaps mahogany. The sharp blade and the long shaft make this a deadly weapon indeed.
Weapon type: glaive
Stats: +8 impale
It looks Very heavy (11.3 kg)
Sacvalue: 1081600
It is called odd polearm and identified as 'rifle', 'spear', 'polearm','futuristic polearm' and 'glaive'
Made of 70% steel, 20% mahogany, 10% zhentorium
Size: medium-sized
Quality: great
From: Dr. Livingstone, the famous zoologist and explorer
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Heft data:

Size 59, Str 84, With a powerful strength boost, you might be able to wield an odd looking futuristic polearm in a single hand...badly.

Size 72, Str 138, You could wield an odd looking futuristic polearm in one hand if you tried, but it would be awkward and unbalanced.

pull lever on polearm