Ancient blue leggings

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ancient blue leggings
These blue leggings look ancient. They are made of silver and are badly battered. The colour has fainted, obviously they have been used alot for many years.
It contains a tale;
These magical looking leggings once belonged to the high priestess of the temple of the gods. It is rumoured that the priestess had a wardrobe full of different types of equipment. These might be a part of her collection.
Armour type: leggings
Stats: +3 spr (1-2 with spider touch), +4 spr version exists too?
It looks Light weight (1.68 kg)
Sacvalue: 418k
It is called Missing handles
It takes the following slots: Leg & Leg
Made of: silver
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: High Priestess, Ancient Temple of Gods