Armour of red dragon scales

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Thie battlesuit is a form-fitting creation of dragon hide and dragon scales. Each of the scales is a beautiful bright scarlet, and over the size of a human hand. The suit is lightweight and the scales should stop just about any weapon.
Armour type: Battlesuit
Stats: Two versions:
  • +8% Combat sense, slightly physical resistance & +2? exp rate
  • +10% Combat sense & slightly physical resistance
It looks A bit heavy (2.448 kg)
  • 186-244k (+exprate version)
  • 382-386k (+10% csense version)
It is called dragonscale armour and identified as 'red dragon armour', 'scale mail', 'scales', 'armour' and 'battlesuit'.
It takes the following slots: Torso, legs, feet, arms & hands
Made of: dragonscale
Size: huge
Quality: perfect
From: Kelnozz, Ebon Catacombs