Bankrupt the greedy dagger (cursed)

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gleaming silver dagger (glowing) <red glow>
This straight-bladed, double-edged dagger is forged from pure silver. Silver is known to be an enchanted metal which harms the undead and other supernatural creatures. Perhaps this one is enchanted further.
Weapon type: dagger
Stats: "This is Bankrupt, the greedy dagger. It has a powerful curse, don't use it!"
It looks A bit heavy (2.624 kg)
Sacvalue: 120 gp
It is called dagger and identified as 'bankrupt', 'bankrupt the greedy dagger', 'silver dagger', 'gleaming dagger' and 'dagger'.
Made of Missing material
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Shinarae's book mob
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown