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The most Requently Asked Questions about the BatClient


How do I change my character portrait?

  • Log in to, click on Change your profile/settings then click on Upload picture. You will need to restart the client to get the new image.

How to change the transparency of the main window?

  • Right click on the tab -> Window Transparency -> Alpha on/off

I cant seem to find the bottom of the client. talking about the reconnect button etc.

  • esc -> settings -> uncheck hide bottom taskbar
  • /taskbarShow /taskbarHide also work well
  • alt + F4

How do I change the font/font size?

  • Right click tab -> font.

How to change batclient background image to solid color?

  • settings -> wallpaper -> select color

How do I exit full screen?


How do I bring a partial/lost window back into view?

  • settings -> others -> move all frames into view

I mini sized a window, how to make it big again?

  • Press esc, choose the window again (should be in the lower part of the menu)

How do I refresh the buff icon panel?

  • Right click -> clear.


How do I add the newbie channel to main terminal window as its own tab?

  • right click on main window tab -> new tab -> add channel -> newbie

Is there a way to add my tells to the "tells to you" window?

  • "set duplex on" within the game


How do you get the client to automatically boot up scripts?

  • Put them in the batclient/scripts directory. The exact location will vary by OS and whether your client is Steam or not. On Linux it is in ~/batclient. On Windows it is C:\Users\XXX\batclient\. On Steam/Windows it is SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\BatMUD\rt\lib\ext (but someone please confirm). On Mac it is /HD/Users/YOURNAME/batclient/.
  • See Triggers for details.

How to reload all scripts without restarting the client?

  • /scriptreload /scriptbootup (might not unload all, causing client to slow down)

Where can I find stuff on doing triggers?

Realm Map / Mapper

How do I get my realm map window back?

  • alt + r
  • settings -> features -> realm map window

How do I delete maps for an area?

  • type whereami, note the area name, go in the map files, delete the file.


Why does the client spazz out if I click F1 or any F buttons with the mouse?

To fix this problem, disable the Steam overlay. Under steam settings > In-Game > Uncheck the "Enable the steam overlay while in-game" box.

How to keep current line in client so it doesnt disapear after enter?

  • commandline -> select all on enter

How to clear the general window buffer?

  • /cls

How do I find the setting menu?

  • press esc

How do log my sessions?

  • right click the tab of the window that you want to log, and its under logging

How to turn off skill/spell monitor?

  • Settings -> Features -> Action Monitor -> Enabled

How to change the size of scrollback?

  • Right click generic window and click scrollback

How do I get the latest typed things back, like in other clients when pressing up key?

  • right click command bar - commandline - full line tabcomplete = tab for previous

How to see version of BatClient?

  • right click -> help -> about the client