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General description:
Location on Laenor:
Coder: (missing coder)
Size (in rooms): 12+++ and has a special explore room.
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A ghastly ghost haunting the graveyard (undead)
A monk sampling the wine supply 9k
A nervous looking man, sweating like a pig human evil
A servant maid having a short rest 4k human good
A servant maid standing on the table 25k human good
A shadowkepian knight guarding baron's the workroom 42k human good
A shadowkepian knight guarding the castle entrance 37k human neutral
A wounded shadowkepian knight is sitting on the floor 59k elf neutral
Alain the butler 27k human good
An ugly troll eating mushrooms sits in the corner 72k troll neutral
Baroness de le Bigeaul is resting here 37k human neutral
Francois the gardener human neutral
Henri the castle chef human neutral
Janine the pimply girl 15k human neutral
Jean-Claude the pigeon keeper 23k human neutral
Jean-Jacques is here exercising 25k human neutral
Jean-Luc is reading a book here 30k human neutral
Jean-Paul is playing drums 16k human neutral
Jean-Pierre l'huitieme Baron de Le Bigeaul 90-100k human good
Michelle is here, looking chic 14k human neutral
Yves, the Baron's crazy half brother 35k human neutral
Yvonne the hoiden 17k human neutral