Black D-shaped saw

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black D-shaped saw
This strange saw is made somewhat like a large capital D. The curved part, the handle, is made of shining steel with a rough patch for grip. The blade, however, is adamantium with very small teeth. In fact, the teeth of the saw are so small, that to a casual observer the blade looks smooth. The saw's tiny teeth sparkle in the light.
Weapon type: cleaver
Stats: +5% cannibalize
It looks A bit heavy (3.268 kg)
Sacvalue: 1k
It is called hacksaw and identified as 'saw', 'black saw', 'D-shaped saw' and 'cleaver'.
Made of 10% diamond, 60% steel, 30% adamantium
Size: somewhat small
Quality: superb
From: Trilloch's tower
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown