A black king seeking to rule the world.

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A large, muscular king in dark armour. He wears a twisted smile upon his face.
A wielder of Evil.
Black King's equipment:

Head: A majestical black crown

Cloak: A long black cloak with royal seal

Belt: A black belt decored with golden stripes

Wielded in right claw: The Halberd of Night <shocking> <red glow>

Spells: Banish, Earthquake
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Chessboard
Alignment: evil
Race: golem
Exp worth: ~500k
Other info: Has special shapes:
  1. Black King is planning the conclusive move against the White King.
  2. Black King is cursing the loss of Knight.
  3. Black King ponders for a moment and takes your pawn.
  4. Black King is pondering carefully the next move.
  5. Black King is not troubled by the flanking enemy.
  6. Black King is relying to his Queen but unaware of her location.
  7. Black King is checked with few routes to escape.
  8. Black King is almost checkmate.