Black Leggings of the Sorcerer

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Black Leggings of the Sorcerer <black aura>
The dark powers of evil are imminent in this incredible piece of armour. Legend says that this armour was handcrafted by no one but Zoraya, the wife of evil Zyll. Pulsing with the power of the Dark Side this leggings seem to have a life of their own.

There is a black aura surrounding this leggings.

Armour type: leggings
Stats: +max spr, +7 wis, -3 dex, -3 con
It looks light weight (1.5 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.21m
It is called leggings and identified as 'Leggings', 'black leggings' and 'leggings'
It takes the following slots: Leg & Leg
Made of: leather
Size: somewhat small
Quality: exceptional
From: Zyll, Supreme Master of Ndoki and Sorcerer Extraordinarie
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