Black greatsword, swathed in noxious fumes

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Black greatsword, swathed in noxious fumes <caustic> <red glow>
The sword is coal-black, its long blade almost crude in appearance. The surface of the narrow, slightly curved blade looks like it was charred in intense heat. But a closer look reveals fine, blood-red gravures covering the whole surface of this malicious weapon. Despite its looks, the blade is sharp - very, very sharp. The gravures seep acid and the sword hungers for blood. The darksteel blade ends to a hilt and pommel crafted out of demon's bone.
It contains a tale;
Wrath of the Tyrant is Demigod Az'anzyl's feared blade. As a manifestation of pure evil, Az'anzyl, the Bloodspirit of ancient worlds, required weapon worthy of his malice. The blade he forged with his bare fists, the hilt and pommel were made of a demon's bone - for demons are more common than angels in the depths where Az'anzyl emerged from. The blade is powerfully enchanted; blood runes encircle the blade that bleeds acid.
Weapon type: no-dachi
Stats: Different versions:
  • +hit & +5% long blades
It looks Heavy (9.622 kg)
Sacvalue: ~2595k (+hit +5lblades version)
It is called Wrath of the Tyrant and identified as 'greatsword', 'sword', 'wrath', 'wrath of the tyrant', 'black greatsword' and 'no-dachi'
Made of darksteel
Size: smallish
Quality: exceptional
From: a hulking, tentacle-faced nightmare
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Heft data:

Size 59, Str 117-137: You could wield black greatsword, swathed in noxious fumes in one hand if you tried, but it would be awkward and unbalanced.
Size 82, Str 201: You can skillfully wield black greatsword, swathed in noxious fumes with one hand with ease.