Black sabre with spider shaped guard

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black sabre with spider shaped guard
The weapon is has about two and a half feet long curved blade made of some dark metal. The blade looks extremely sharp and resilient to damage. The hilt and the handguard are shaped like a spider. The legs of the spider protect the wielder's hand from enemy's attacks. The eyes of the spider are made from some dark gem stones.
Weapon type: Sabre
Stats: +3% Parry
It looks a bit heavy (3.352 kg)
Sacvalue: 22k
It is called 'sabre', 'spider sabre', 'black sabre', 'black sabre with spider shaped guard', 'black saber' and 'spider saber'.
It takes the following slot: held
Made of: highsteel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: exceptional
From: Every Spider guild trainer except Jasmine.