Blessed rosary of 'Heart' (holy)

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blessed rosary of 'Heart' (holy)
The cloth rosary is bit worn and torn by age, but is still in quite well preserved. On place of one bead of the rosary it has a large red heart made of ruby stone with the symbol of Las carved in middle of it. This symbols the life force that true faith brings to one's soul and those close of the faithful.
Armour type: wand
Stats: +2 con
It looks Light weight (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 31400
It is called Rosary of Heart and identified as 'rosary', 'blessed rosary', 'heart', 'blessed rosary of heart', 'relic' and 'wand'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: cloth
Size: very small
Quality: poor
From: Missing where from gained
Other info: Nun stats:
  • Prot power: great/strong
  • Dispel power: slight
  • Holy power: weak