Brotherhood of Sorcery (area)

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Also known as Adamantium chain, Adachain
General description: Brotherhood of Sorcery is an area located in Lucentium. On the old map before The Ages of Exiles it was among other things a part of a cash run together with Temple of the Twisted Prophecies. It's the home of the infamous Demilich Ogaitnas Iuqnarf, lords Law and Chaos among other mid-level monsters that occupy the elemental plane of the area, and a bunch of smaller mobs.

Commonly also known by the name "adachain", as one has to climb an adamantium chain to reach the island where the Brotherhood of Sorcery lies.

Location on Lucentium: Southwestern part of the continent, on ruins near the sea and a distant path.
Difficulty: Something for almost all levels, although it can get dangerous pretty fast for very small players if you stick your nose into places where it doesn't belong... not that there's much to kill for newcomers in the first place though, just a couple of really small mobs here. Mid- to high-level players can often be seen doing exp here, and highbies shouldn't have much problems on any monster on this area, given that they have some sort of party and hands.
Coders: Justice, Natasha, Matte
Size (in rooms): Dozens, probably under 100 though
Map of the area:
History: Before the item value conversion it was a source of flowing brown robes, worth ~3000 gold a piece.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A cute little cherub 315
A deva 3.2k
A drunk apprentice staggers here 17k
A fire elemental spirit 66k
A lost soul 19k - 22k ghost a bit evil
A mad mage, playing with something here 25k neutral
A poltergeist, lurking in the shadows (undead) 10k
A skeleton (undead) 3.0k - 3.7k
A water Elemental 91k
A zombie wanders around here (undead) 5.6k - 6k monster
Air Elemental 125k
An Earth Elemental 90k
An animated harp 36k
An undead dog (undead) 2.4k
Apprentice sorcerer 18k neutral
Guardian angel (NPC) 20k - 37k good no
Lord Chaos 307k elemental
Lord Gabriel keeps an eye on you from here 100k good
Lord Law 131k elemental
The Demilich Ogaitnas Iuqnarf (undead)
The Grey man 48 - 61k
The old Guild master of the long forgotten Brotherhood 27k
Varne, the vampire (undead) 79k evil