A gargantuan slime-lizard sits here with bulbous belly, burping belligentrily (undead)

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A yellow-green, sickly giant frog-lizard with warts.
Burglefloogah's equipment:
Spells: killing cloud, forget, poison, dispel magical protection, hallucination, curse, mana drain, power blast, aura of hate, lava blast, poison cloud, heal self
Skills: Missing skills
Area: Zonni's swamps
Alignment: evil
Race: Missing race
Exp worth: ~1m
Other info: Burglefloogah has the reputation of being one of the most notorious and difficult monsters in the game and is killed very rarely.
Wed Oct 22 21:16:40 2008 [general] by Gore
   Info: After many rounds of practice,  Tre Kronor 1 - Big Fat Frog 0. Congratulations!

(Burglefloogah was killed one more time between these two informs, in early 2009)

Group: updates (#682/683)
From: Gore (Lvl: 600 [Wizard] Age: 10y, 199d, 16h, 2min and 29s)
Subject: Burglefloogah takes a break
Date: Fri Feb 20 13:06:21 2009
Rating: 1 Votes: 1

The amusement ride known as Burglefloogah is out of order. The management
expects to have the Frog operational within the week. Inconvenience is
highly regretted.

  -- The Management