Castle Brantis

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General description: There are fairly many mobs in the area, almost solely evils and undeads, most of them fairly small to be killed solo or in a small party.
Location on Furnachia: (missing location)
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: (missing coder)
Size (in rooms): ~100
Map of the area: Castle Brantis on Dryad's site

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A Clone of Overlord Brantis 29k human
A GIGANTIC green snapdragon is ready to pummel you! 32k dragon evil
A HUGE charging pitbull (undead) 3.6k
A fierce fire dragon has a three foot horn on its head! 40k evil
A guard of Brantis is searching for more bodies 10k human evil
A happy bartender can mix exotic drinks and is damn proud! 6.0k
A magician of Good works for Zcandler and guards the city 6.7k human
A minion of Brantis gets up from his drink and attacks! 20k evil
A powerful psionic guard guards the northern room 26k
A really NASTY blue snapdragon 40k - 49k
A remaining guard of Zcandler guards the square 15k - 16k human
A ten foot zombie is confused about its powers (undead) 5.8k - 18k
A transparent light creature is angered by your presence! 30k light evil
An ugly THIRTY foot psionic beast is really hungry! 61k beast evil
Brantis' accountant is making sure the vault is empty 1.5k
Brantis' hand is snapping out spells! 21k - 26k monster
Brantis' head is chanting offensive spells! 64k - 68k monster
Brantis' leg has broken off and is kicking ass! 47k - 48k monster
Brantis' torso smashes you! 36k - 41k monster
Hera, Goddess of the Earth 469k - 600k goddess yes
Overlord Brantis, the master of all dimensions ~240k human
Powerful Zombies notice you and prepare to attack! (undead) 0.6k - 3.0k
The Master of the Arena, a humanoid giving off a black aura.
Zcandler, brother of Brantis and Mayor of the City 82k - 114k