Castle of Lord Drauron

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General description:
Location on Rothikgen: central
Coder: Grimsh
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A Silver Casque Knight 71k Human
Arer the prison guard 36k - 42k Human
Dezau the minister of war 66k - 79k Human
Elayg, captain of the guards 37k Human
Heig Voteith, waiting to see Thilinn 40k
Lord Drauron Human
Lumur the gateguard 19k - 30k human
Martikolion the Illustrious 39k Human
Renei, personal guard of Lord Drauron 50k
Ridhyr the gateguard 29k - 34k human
Tece, father of Thilinn (imprisoned) 29k
Vantita, personal guard of Lord Drauron 37k - 45k Human