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HARAMAKI-DO (cuirass)

Armours of scale construction that have no hinges and open under the
right arm are called haramaki do. Their comfort and ease of wear and 
use makes them better than the o-yoroi for serious combat. The haramaki-
do opens up the back - than the side like the do maru. They were 
originally retainer armours, as were do maru. Now, haramaki-do means any
armour style opening up the back.

The do, or cuirass, is the largest and most visible part of any given 
armour. As such, it really sets the feel for the suit. In fact, it is 
the design of the do that gives an armour its name, be it a yokohagi 
ni-mai do gusoku ("horizontally rivetted clamshell cuirass armour") or
a go-mai dangaie haramaki do gusoku ("armour with a five-sectional 
cuirass with two stepped, different lacing styles, opening up the back").

Slot(s):                                torso
Size:                                   large

Protection against:
 cut                                    mediocre
 stab                                   mediocre
 bash                                   fair
 other                                  mediocre

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