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Distinction between help files (WIKI) and information (mud) should be made

This category is a mixup of both wiki help files and game information. There should be seperate category for both. Also, if direct copies (which is somewhat questionable) of in game helpfiles are added, they should be in their own category also, and not in the same as game information.

I suggest following hierarchy:

1. Help

1.1 Wiki help (Category:Wiki help)

1.2 Game information (Category: Game information) OR (Category: Game help)

1.2.1 Official help (help <topic> in mud) (Category:Ingame help) or somesuch

1.2.2 Unofficial information (e.g. shrine messages)

Category names are up for debate, but this distinction should be made clear.

-- Milk

Altough the idea is good, having 5 different categorys in 3 different deapth for 2 different help file types is overkill. We would manage with simple parent category with two legs.

  • Help
    • Wiki related
    • Game information

Help about the game in these pages would be unofficial in anycase, so spliting game information again has little meaning.

About should we have copys of ingame help files, like said at Talk:Help we should complement existing ones or have help files about things that do not exist. Being a mirror site to makes no sense. Holding ingame help files as some kind of holy word that can not be wrong or be said better, would also strip lot of the wikis power. It would be wise to have copy of the information that the wiki has something to say about so that the reader does not need to jump back and fort, like now done with spells. BlackSmith 14:05, 18 August 2008 (EEST)

After discussion with Milk ingame, having parent category has minor use or informal value as both categorys are so different uses. The help files shall be divided to wiki related or to game information this point on. BlackSmith 13:12, 22 August 2008 (EEST)