Caverns of Undying

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General description: Caverns of Undying was originally coded by Zoso and later expanded twice by Merri. It is almost solely filled with aggressive undeads and evil mobs, most of them being big enough to be a real danger for newbies, thus not recommended for beginners unless you have invisibility (for some parts) and quick fingers. It is home for a couple of ~1m-class mobs, including Moreod, the master vampire.
Location on Laenor: Eastern part
Difficulty: Mostly highbie parties.
Coders: Zoso, Merri
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)
Other information: Also known as Tunnel. Has no scenic location. As seen in Zoso's finger, he has been planning to expand the area further, including a quest.

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A black wraith hovering above the ground (undead) 19k - 32k
A bodak (undead) 103k
A commanding human stands here in a black robe 80k - 154k Human
A commanding human stands here in a crimson robe 103k - 116k Human
A dark wraith hovering above the ground (undead) 30k - 45k evil
A death knight stands here in full battle armour 102k - 200k Human evil
A foul zombie stumbles mindlessly in the caverns (undead) 2.0k - 7.8k ( - 28k, probably turbo)
A ghoul wanders aimlessly around the caverns (undead) 4.7k - 7.5k evil
A handsome young vampire clad in crimson robes (undead) 24k - 47k evil
A hell sent bodak (undead) 174k
A huge black demon 126k - 145k Demon evil
A large gnoll 60k neutral
A massive iron statue has come to life ~1m golem
A rotten zombie stumbles mindlessly in the caverns (undead) 5.3k
A skeleton looking for life to destroy (undead)
A skeleton patrolling the caverns (undead) evil
A terrible ghost is wandering through the cavers (undead) 16k - 21k evil
A very large ogre dressed in robes 273k ogre
A wight, seeking mortal souls to devour (undead) 8.5k - 26k evil
A wounded bodak (undead) 31k - 58k evil
An appalling ghoul roams in the caverns (undead) 9.9k evil
An incredibly huge red demon guards the essence of fire 1.04M demon evil yes
Listar's squirming tentacle 101k - 150k evil
Listar the Forgetful, sparks crackling about his robe 473k - 509k humanoid
Malicaw The Bloody (undead) 303k evil no
Moreod, the master vampire, stands majestetically in black velvet robes (undead) 1093k vampire evil
The Eater of the Dead roams in the hole 1112k humanoid