Cosmic orb of diversity

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Cosmic orb of Diversity
The aquamarine stone in it is the only physical piece of it. It's asymmetrical and shaped like a wave. Water flows over the asymmetrical piece and magically blowing air on top of it mystically keeps the whole orb together. As a whole, aquamarine bottom, streaming flow of water and the blowing wind forms an orb shaped as sphere.
Stats: +6 wis
It looks A bit heavy (3.5 kg)
Sacvalue: 301740
It is called: 'cosmic orb of diversity', 'cosmic orb', 'orb', 'orb of diversity', 'diverse orb' and 'ball'
Made of: 30% water, 40% aquamarine, 30% enchanted air
Size: somewhat small
Quality: standard
From: Involves killing Sister Valentina