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The Club Club
Str: 79 Dex: 57 Con: 89
Int: 42 Wis: 42 Size: 72
Skill max: 88% Skill cost: 80,0%
Spell max: 50% Spell cost: 94,4%
Exp rate: 100
Cromagnons are a living relic from the early dawn of human history. They are living ancestors of humans and they are thought as humans by most. Cromagnons have some advantages over the humans though. Their harder life has given them more physical power and better grasp of the basic skills but they lack the arts of magic completely because of their underdeveloped brains. Mostly it is safe to presume that a cromagnon behaves like a human would. Adventuring cromagnons are usually those who do the hard work in the party, they do so by choice, not because they are forced to it.