Cross of Viuzey (holy)

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cross of Viuzey (holy) <red glow>
Carved from a piece of solid white-silver opal, this cross is about the size of a human's palm, maybe a little smaller. The four edges are carved in swirling, decorative whirls, and the center has a small hemisphere raising out of it.
Armour type: wand
Stats: +4% Dispel evil, good wear only
It looks A bit heavy (2.996 kg)
Sacvalue: 38.9k - 43.5k
It is called cross and identified as 'cross', 'opal cross', 'relic', 'cross of viuzey' and 'wand'
It takes the following slot: Held
Made of: Opal
Size: very small
Quality: great
From: Wildspace
Other info: Nun stats:
  • Prot power: slight
  • Dispel power: strong
  • Holy power: slight

Short desc before identifying: sparkling opal cross (holy)