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School of Survival for one-eyes
Str: 112 Dex: 55 Con: 110
Int: 27 Wis: 27 Size: 95
Skill max: 78% Skill cost: 76,6%
Spell max: 40% Spell cost: 100,0%
Exp rate: 78
Cyclops are quite similar to their cousin giants and they are thought to be a mutated subrace of the giant, but there is no difficulty in noticing the subtle difference between a giant and a cyclops because cyclops are much more awkward and clumsy than giants. The single eye of a cyclops doesn't render it helpless though. A cyclops warrior is one of the most formidable forces in a melee battle. The cyclops usually work as mercenaries like the giants. Their neverending desire to eat lambs sometimes gets them to trouble with local farmers. Their small, simple minds are exceptionally vulnerable tho.

They have a weakness against psychic attacks but they can eat animals to gain momentary boost to stats.