Dark castle

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General description: Nalle's first area, home of the area quest Intrigue at dark castle.
Location on Laenor: The Dark Castle can be found on the eastern flank of the Ranger Mountain, south of Arelium
Difficulty: Newbie solo, new newbies might want to party for the Commander.
Coder: Nalle
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A bat, hanging from the roof 411
A black raven 1k
A cute girl is assigned to laundry service here 2k
A filthy rat 1k
A fluffy pigeon 402
A girl hanging some clothes up to dry 1k
A girl is arranging the shelves 2k
A girl is mopping the floor here 1k
A girl is wiping some dust off the shields 1k
A girl scrubbing some clothes 3k
A gnomish engineer, tweaking some knobs 1-2k
A grim henchman 9k
A henchman, disciplining a prisoner 4k
A knight, dozing in the corner 8k
A knight, patrolling the hallways 3k
A knight, watching the sky 3k
A knight guarding the way north 5k
A knight outlook 3k
A young boy is washing some vegetables here 2k
A young guide, lounging by the entrance 14
A young scribe, reading a book 1-2k
A young scribe, working on some documents 1-2k
Adriana, the cook's apprentice is looking up some recipes 6k
An old prisoner 6k
Aria, the laundry room overseer 3-6k
Chiark, the castle's magician 12k
Commander Maximillian, the Dark Knight 35k
Father Salvatore, the castle's priest 5k neutral
Kaiba the sticks-player 5k
Kylie the cleaner is sobbing here silently 212
Mathias, the castle's cook 150
Siegfried, the elder librarian 7k - 9.5k
Uruka is feeding some pigeons here 6k