Decorated ivory dagger

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decorated ivory dagger <red glow>
This dagger's blade is made from white ivory. The handle is made of some hard wood and encrysted with a few small gems. The blade is very smooth and feels a bit warm to the touch.
It contains a tale;
You've heard that this dagger was made from the tusks of an ancient mammoth killed by Fergus the Majestic several centuries ago. The dagger was made by 'Fergus' court magician Mememmon. It is rumoured that Mememmon had a special purpose for the dagger, but it has been long forgotten.
Weapon type: dagger
Stats: +slightly con
It looks light weight (0.500 kg)
Sacvalue: ~373300 (from identify)
It is called dagger and identified as 'dagger', 'ivory dagger' and 'finan daggeri'.
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: ivory
Size: very small
Quality: good
From: Ivory blades