Domgroth's mansion

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Also known as Domgroth
General description: (missing description)
Location on Furnachia:
On Jeskko's map
A bit southeast from Rilynt'tar.
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: Fizzl
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)
History: Was opened for public on February 22 2006.
Other information: You find smelly trout (kala)!

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A Muscular man 36475 (with unidle exp bonus)
A lazy guard of Domgroth 55512 (with unidle exp bonus)
Almost naked Milkia Khiirhei 183k human y
Attractive looking guard in full armour 55k
Brute Force, crunching numbers 57k
Elite Guard 77k - 102k human
Feeble woman, dressed in armour 61k
Michael Cameron 10k
Spirit of Domgroth, mighty and furious (undead) 550k - 654k
Undead vault guardian (undead) 249020 (with unidle exp bonus)
Wimpy guard, quivering with fear 42367 - 67143 (with unidle exp bonus) human