Door to the Past

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Also known as Stifsim
General description:
Location on Lucentium: Situated pretty much in the center on the continent, between the Beach and the reefs.
Difficulty: High level party recommended.
Coder: Marlor Converted by Runeaxe
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A Portal Guard 115k - 139k
A guard of the cult of ice 62k - 116k
A little Fire elemental 53k
A sergeant of the cult of ice 815 (fights like a lot bigger mob)
A soldier of the cult of ice 327 - 623 (fights like a lot bigger mob)
A strange glass like being made up of reflections 20k - 27k
A young man, especially trained in the art of grappling 217k - 229k
An ancient mage is here, waiting patiently
An elite guard of the ice cult 175k - 183k
An ice drake flying towards you 7k - 77k
Ancient man, pondering in the empty hill
Araas, the beautiful Queen of Ice 296k - 448k human
The ancient elemental Wyrm called Stifsim 1.078m - 1.105m dragon
The commander of the cult of ice 163k - 168k