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The Dark Alliance
Str: 94 Dex: 57 Con: 100
Int: 42 Wis: 42 Size: 85
Skill max: 80% Skill cost: 80,0%
Spell max: 50% Spell cost: 77,8%
Exp rate: 80
Once in the Realms there was a race of draconians that were a said to be the cross breed of salamanders and humans. That race no longer exist. A new race of draconians emerged and SQUASHED their weaker cousins. The draconians of today do not resemble salamanders at all. They resemble dragons. They are definitely to be feared, but they are not evil by default; there are neutral and even good ones. Different alignment holds different magical abilities. All of them are at their their strongest as warriors, though. They are bigger than full-grown horses and have the thick scales of the dragon-kin.
  • They have a good natural protection.
  • They regenerate damage at average speed.
  • They regenerate magic points slowly.
  • They can see in the dark.
  • They can eat corpses.
  • They have bad vision.
  • This race can only be joined by ancients.
  • To the list of NPCs of the race Draconian

They can change briefly into dragons at higher levels.

Senses Ability
Taste Good
Sound Average
Psychic Average
Smell Poor
Magic Average
Spiritual Average
See Magic No Ability
Sight Poor
See Invis No Ability
Touch Average