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General description:
Location on Desolathya:
Coder: (missing coder)
Size (in rooms):
Map of the area:

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A bored tavernkeeper 24k human evil
A curved-horned goat 2.9k goat neutral
A fat and sad baker 16k human good
A furry sheep 1.1k sheep neutral
A huge, wolf-resembling dog 5k evil
A muscular smith 15k - 16k human neutral
A shepherd taking a break 5091 human neutral
A slimy carp 128 - 194 fish neutral
A slimy perch 241 - 382 fish neutral
A small fox 4.6k
A sturdy-looking shopkeeper 36k
A suspicious scrounger 6.2k human evil
A tiny lamb 178 sheep neutral
Avenothos, the cleric of Kaveril 22k human
Berul guard 12k
Davelok, the Elder of Kaveril 20k - 49k human
Deverah, Davelok's wife 30k human good
Gateguard of Kaveril 2.1k - 2.7k human neutral
Harken, the chief of Berul 45k - 51k human
Husen, smith's young son 1.9k human neutral
Innkeeper of Fried Pig 29k
Jacobi, the vampire lord of Berul (undead) 146k - 177k
Kaveril man 1.4k - 3.1k (Kaveril men on streets), 11k - 15k (two Kaveril men in their homes), 3.7k - 4k (kaveril man) human good
Kaveril woman 1.8k - 5.4k human good
Kelia, smith's respectable daughter 9.7k human neutral
Kevek, the son of Davelok 22k human neutral
Rowley, shepherd's loyal dog 1564 dog neutral
Senior gateguard 3.8k human neutral
Smith's wife 15k human neutral
Temple guardian 55k