Durin's battleaxe

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Durin's battleaxe <red glow>
This is Durin's battleaxe. A heavy iron weapon, consisting of a short shaft with a broad axe blade attached to both sides at the end. It is a powerful artifact from older days.
It contains a tale;
I don't remember the tale, it's in the back of The Hobbit.
Weapon type: battleaxe
Stats: +2 con
It looks Heavy (7.3 kg)
Sacvalue: 29.2k
It is called Durin's Axe and identified as 'axe', 'battleaxe', 'durin's axe', 'durins axe', 'durin's battleaxe', 'durins battleaxe', 'durins' and 'durin'.
Made of durandium
Size: smallish
Quality: poor
From: Orthanc
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown