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The Crafters of Rock
Str: 84 Dex: 68 Con: 86
Int: 57 Wis: 63 Size: 54
Skill max: 100% Skill cost: 51,3%
Spell max: 70% Spell cost: 72,2%
Exp rate: 85
Never let dwarves' small size fool you to lower your protection when dueling one.

Even if he isn't as big as you he, can have more raw physical power than the strongest human warrior. Dwarves resemble humans in many ways in their habits, but they are not degenerated humans as some scholars have claimed. Dwarves are their own race on their own right. Most dwarves sport thick and long beards despite their gender. Dwarves aren't afraid of physical work and their skill as miners is well known.