Elven shield shaped like a flower

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This shield is shaped like a flower instantly telling of it's maker's elven heritage. It is not a large shield, but maybe you can use it's light weight as an advantage. And even though it's shape is quite inordinary, it appears to be a very functional shield. There are some arcane elvish runes on the petals of the shield. You recognize runes of 'honor' and 'justice'. These are virtues held in high esteem by the templars of the Faerwon and once this shield must have belonged to one of the greatest templars ever. Try not dishonor it.
Shield type: Target shield
Stats: +6 Avoid
It looks Light weight (1.6 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.6m
It is called shield of Faerwon and identified as 'shield of Faerwon', 'elven shield shaped like a flower', 'target', 'shield', 'flower shield', 'elven shield', 'templar's shield', 'faerwon's shield' and 'target shield'.
Made of: adamantium
Size: very small
Quality: exceptional
From: a beautiful elven warrior woman looking for people to save
Other info: ungettable, from wandering templar guild master