Empyrean, the Battleaxe of Paladins (feeble)

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Empyrean, the Battleaxe of Paladins (feeble) <fiercely chilling> <red glow>
This is a fierce looking weapon. It's blade is burning while there are icicles forming on the cutting, diamond edges. The handle of this sweetheart is molded perfectly to fit anyones hand. It seems to radiate some sort of holy energy.
Weapon type: battleaxe
Stats: +cold damage, +str, +specials, good wield only
It looks Heavy (7.931 kg)
Sacvalue: 3.26m (8 runes/awesome/pilum)
It is called Empyrean and identified as 'empyrean', 'the empyrean', 'battleaxe', 'warhammer', 'battle', 'mace' and 'pilum'.
Made of 10% mithril, 55% diamond, 5% highsteel, 30% adamantium
Size: medium-sized
Quality: sterling
From: Arthas
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Can be enhanced by feeding ancient runes into it, gaining more damage output. Feeding evil/undead mobs eventually gives it more +str. It is battleaxe by default, but when it has enough runes, you can transform it into warhammer, battle mace and finally pilum (which is the hardest hitting form) after seven runes. The short description also changes from each new rune.

Empyrean souls/strength/description per levels:

                   0 = +3 str  = feeble
                1501 = +4 str  = moderate
                4501 = +5 str  = average
                7501 = +6 str  = good
               14501 = +7 str  = noble
               24001 = +8 str  = Awesome
               45001 = +9 str  = Perfect
               65001 = +x str  = < DIVINE >
                   x = +17 str = < * OMNIPOTENT * >
              175001 = +20 str = < * * O M E G A * * >

Was tuned to good wield only on 1st October 2009.

An ancient tale reveals a piece of this weapon's history: 'During the first chaotic years of Bat Realm the old Paladin Guildmaster cried for assistance in the Paladins ultimate fight against the minions of evil and the servants of darkness. As a response to guildmaster's long prayers he was given the legendary blade of The Blessed Holy Defender to help protecting the guild itself. When the gods granted paladins their divine rights greater to other warriors of Light, one of the requirements for beholding such a power was that paladins must maintain the balance between the forces of order and chaos. As an example for their future work Esachen, the Protector of Stability, forged a twinblade for the Holy defender: As the nature of Holy Defender was to defend, it must be balanced with something that's nature is to assault - Resulting in the creation of Empyrean, the divine power of unleashed fury!"

Legend says that ancient Paladin Warmaster, Armghaust, lost this weapon when his time among the living came to it's end. Empyrean end up in the hands of twisted and unhonourable and until Paladins were able to get it back the weapon had lost it's divine powers. The ancient spirits of warfare that Esachen had bound in the soul of this weapon were gone. Arthas, the youngest of Paladin Elders found that those spirits could be restored by forcing them to return by 'invoking (certain) runes into Empyrean'. By time this holy weapon of unleashed fury might regain it's rightful place in the world.

Try 'empyrean <option>'

              morph battleaxe - morphs Empyrean into battleaxe.
              morph battle mace - morphs Empyrean into bludgeon.
              morph pilum - morphs Empyrean into polearm.
              wrath of Faerwon - unknown.
              justice of Las - unknown.
              light of Aveallis - unknown.

Heft data:

Battle mace form:
Size 60 (barsoomian), Str 205: You can wield Empyrean, the Sheer Wrath of Unleashed Fury [Awesome] in one hand, but it will be a bit unbalanced.
Size 50 (barsoomian), Str 250: You can wield Empyrean, the Tranquility of Justified Fury Eternal (moderate) in one hand, but it will be a bit unbalanced.
Size 50 (barsoomian), Str 200: You could wield Empyrean, the Tranquility of Justified Fury Eternal (moderate) in one hand if you tried, but it would be awkward and unbalanced. See also: