Engraved silver and highsteel short sword

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engraved silver and highsteel short sword
This weapon was clearly made to be fully functional, with a tip-heavy lightly

curved highsteel blade sharp enough to shave a yak. The handle is grooved highsteel, and the pommel is heavy enough to bonk heads with. That said, it is also clearly made to be pleasant to look at. There is an enamelled jeweled crown symbol on one side of the hilt, which is plated with steel and engraved with swirling flower patterns.

Weapon type: short sword
Stats: none
It looks A bit heavy (3.263 kg)
Sacvalue: 545
It is called 'sword', 'short sword', 'engraved sword', 'engraved short sword', 'silver sword', 'silver short sword', 'highsteel sword', 'highsteel short sword' and 'short'
Made of 15% silver 85% highsteel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: super
From: Cryllara, Lieutenant of the Efiilas Advance, Efiilas advance camp
Compares between: Aegis and a white marble torch