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This section is about those 'unwritten' rules which are quite obvious but are sometimes forgotten by some. Most likely, how you behave in this game is how you behave in Real Life. Think about your actions and see if there is room for improvement.

Not Cool

  • Castle raiding and assisting there of. Castle raiders are regarded as the lowest of the low, even below politicians and lawyers. They prey on the weakest and cause countless of hours of damage. Sometimes they cause players to leave the game which is simply unacceptable. Even if you find an open door to someone's castle room, do not raid. Ever.
  • Player killing. Lame. You don't do it in real life, so don't do it here. Even if you were killed back in the 90's for looking at someone, it does not belong to this day and age.
  • Killstealing. If someone was at a monster before you, end of story, go away. None of that "he can't kill it anyways" or "this is my area". Just go away. Even if he dies, stay away. If he seems to camp at a monster, ask politely and wait for him to come back from his piss-break. If nothing happens, ask again. Wait. And then, either go away or kill the monster with apologies.
  • Idling at monsters. To avoid killstealing, don't even put yourself into the potential situation.
  • Hating on channels. Including language policing. Negativity leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side.. or something like that.
  • Wrecking quests / keys. Don't kill quest monsters or hoard important keys, especially early in the boot.
  • Party leaving when things start going bad.
  • Whining about party leaders. The game needs leaders. Be constructive.
  • Bragging in newbie parties. Dude, for real?
  • Spamming.
  • Asking for walkthroughs, free stuff. Put in the work first. Show that you've at least tried. Then ask for help.


  • Giving help on the newbie channel. You are the BEST. Giving time to help people stick with the game is beyond awesome.
  • Helping people get summons/restores/remove poisons/what not.
  • Participating in newbie quests as added muscle. A perfect chance to show off your abilities while doing good.
  • Voting for BatMUD on TMC and TMS. This is the best way to promote the game.
  • Finding eq on the ground and returning it to their rightful owner. Pure class.