Exceptional adamantium chainmail

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exceptional adamantium chainmail <red glow>
This chainmail is made from links of adamantium, expertly joined to form a near-inpenetrable layer of protection. Beneath this is a comfortable leather padded shirt, and this considerably adds to the bulk of the wearer.
Armour type: robe
Stats: +slightly phys resist (probably 3 considering sacvalue), +5 con
It looks Heavy (9.1 kg)
Sacvalue: 399k
It is called drow chainmail armour and identified as 'chain', 'chainmail', 'drow armour' and 'robe'.
It takes the following slots: Neck, torso, legs & arms
Made of: adamantium
Size: extremely large
Quality: exceptional
From: Lady Zilvra, Drow tower
Other info: Also a statless version exists.