Fire Diamond Battleaxe

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This finely crafted axe has a handle made of ancient oak. The handle has engravings of a various animals that change constantly. One moment there if a carving of deer and then it undulates into a carving of a bear. At the end of the oaken handle is a magnificent diamond tipped steel axe head. The blade gleams when you look at it. A shimmering red field radiates from the head and feels warm to the touch. Enscribed upon the blade is text that reads:
Justice will prevail.
Weapon type: Battleaxe
Stats: +8 Str & +Fire damage
It looks A bit heavy (3.189 kg)
Sacvalue: 1.83m
It is called axe and identified as 'battleaxe', 'axe', 'diamond axe' and 'battle axe'.
Made of diamond
Size: smallish
Quality: great
From: Sable Bladetree, Ranger guild entrance
Compares between: Marion and Mace of Thunder
Other info: Good harm body weapon for smaller races.