Flashpoint the flaming sword

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Flashpoint the flaming sword <red glow>
This large bastard sword is made from highsteel, with a finely made double-edged blade tapering down to a fine point. The hilt is engraved with decorative lines and whirls, and the pommel is set with several large red gems. However the most noteworthy feature of the sword is the mass of bright crackling flames perpetually leaping from the blade.
Weapon type: bastard sword
Stats: "It erupts in flame when used in combat. If you press the ruby on the pommel, the sword will turn on or off its own feather weight spell.", +sheds light
It looks Heavy (5.224 kg)
Sacvalue: 225k - 233k
It is called sword and identified as 'flashpoint', 'flashpoint the flaming sword', 'bastard sword', 'highsteel bastard sword', 'burning sword', 'burning bastard sword', 'flaming sword', 'bastard' and 'sword'.
Made of 5% ruby, 95% highsteel
Size: somewhat small
Quality: great
From: Shinarae's book mob
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: Shortdesc before identifying is "burning highsteel bastard sword <red glow>"