Four elements

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Area Difficulty Creator
Missing area very hard Malitrius
In a secluded valley, far south from Grimoor's Lord of Chaos guild, stand four towers.

They go by the name of the Elemental Towers. Four wizards used to live there, one for each element. Their names were Toreador, Droevigger, Fiathirieland and Lechart. They were all apprentices of Rechendak, and specialized in wind, fire, water and earth respectively. Each wizard was given a part of an enchanted armour when they had finished their apprenticeship for Rechendak, and Rechendak stated that when the four wizards manage to bring their elemental forces together to cooperate, then they'll be able to be as powerful as him. That's why they moved to the valley together. Years of research together ended up in failure. Being wizards of such opposite elements and living so close together tore their friendship apart, and they left the valley, one after the other. It's rumoured that they still visit their former homes, though. What never occurred to them was that Rechendak meant that they should create one piece of armour from their gifts. Recover the armour pieces and create what was meant to be.