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A gem is an item, a jewel, usually made from a gem material such as diamond.


Gems very in their value in ascending order from grades such as "chipped" to "flawless" and "perfect" and sizes such as "tiny" and "huge." Certain gems such as ruby and sapphire may be star gems. There are colour varieties and varieties of faceting appropriate to the gem material such as pink, yellow, blue-white, and blue diamonds, blue quartz, or pink pearls.

Prices quoted by a shop are included to show relative value:

  • - a tiny purple amethyst
  • 8 a polished purple amethyst
  • 23 a gleaming purple amethyst
  • 8 a shiny purple amethyst
  • 95 a huge deep purple amethyst
  • 95 a perfect aqua turquoise
  • 95 a perfect mottled aqua turquoise
  • 3139 a huge pink diamond
  • 34 a beautiful golden amber*
  • 380 a perfect green alexandrite