Giant war mace

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giant war mace <red glow>
The haft of this weapon is teak, a slowly widening log-like shaft of dense wood. It starts slender enough to grasp, but by the time it reaches the end of its considerable length, it is thicker than an ale mug. Wrapped around this thicker end is a head with four pyramid-like spikes of iridium, which, while dull, are large lumps of dense metal. A mere handspan below this head is a smaller head with the same shape. This weapon is HEAVY and will crush skulls by mere inertia.
Weapon type: battle mace
Stats: +electric damage, sheds light
It looks Very heavy (Weight in kgs unknown)
Sacvalue: 44.5k
It is called mace and identified as 'battle mace', 'war mace', 'iridium mace', 'iridium war mace', 'giant mace', 'battle' and 'mace'
Made of 75% iridium, 25% wood
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: The Captain of the Samurai Guard, Orc Samurai
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown