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Glass is a glass material. It is an alloy not found in nature, that is, it cannot be mined.

Identification of glass

Weight (g/l):  (normal)           Sturdyness:    (fragile)          
Magic:         (weakly magical)   Flammability:  (normal)           
Warmth:        (chilly outfit)    Toxicity:      (highly toxic)     
Resistivity:   (great insulator)  Malleability:  (loose)            
Mentality:     (poor mentality)   Reactivity:    (poor reactivity)  
Weapon rarity: (rarely used)      Armour rarity: (not used)         
Value (gp/kg): (average)          Rarity:        (common)           
Article:       a                       Type:          Glass
Found nature:  No                      Lode name:     Shard          
Raw names:     piece, shard, sliver
Refined names: mold, casting, form

A glass scimitar, dropped by a monster, weighed 3.240 kg.