Gleaming silver blade

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gleaming silver blade <red glow>
This small blade is polished to perfection. It's smooth silver surface gleams in the light. It is very sharp and light. Some text is engraved along the length of the blade.
Weapon type: sabre
Stats: +5 dex, +3% songcasting
It looks heavy (4.829 kg)
Sacvalue: 640k
It is called 'dagger', 'silver blade', 'blade', 'gleaming blade', 'nillirou blade' and 'sabre'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: silver
Size: somewhat small
Quality: sterling
From: Nillirou
Other info: 'read blade' - Praise the God, the forger, For whom I was made, Praise him not in anger, His name shall not fade.