Gleaming silvery pick

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Gleaming silvery pick <red glow>
This pick has a long, tapering point and a solid, sturdy handle made from gleaming uranium --- a strong, durable metal. It might be a little heavy to use as a weapon, but would be ideal for smashing rocks.

There are three small divots on the handle. You might be able to 'insert' something into them.

Weapon type: Missing type
Stats: +3% mining
It looks Heavy (7.9 kg)
Sacvalue: 110k
It is called gleaming pick, silvery pick, uranium pick, pick
Made of uranium
Size: somewhat small
Quality: great
From: Minjob the uranium golem, Mirror Mine
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown
Other info: You can 'insert' orange opals -- also known as fire opals -- into the divots in the handle. Later, you can 'press' one of them, which will release an elemental force that will dispel any Earth Grues nearby. Only large or huge fire opals have enough elemental power to do this.
       insert <fire opal> into <this>
       press fire opal on <this>