Glittering emerald longsword

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glittering emerald longsword (glowing) <red glow>
This green weapon has a long blade of cloudy emerald crystal and a hilt made, of all things, from wood. It does not appear to suffer from having a grip of such a soft substance -- the emerald will keep the well-balanced blade sharp for a long time.
It contains a tale;
Made from the roots of an ancient Mother Oak, the hilt of this sword can refresh the wielder whenever the weapon is 'plant'-ed into the earth. Gaia can only help you in areas where Nature is strong, and no more than twice per day.
Weapon type: longsword
Stats: See the tale. Has reload time.
It looks A bit heavy (3.948 kg)
Sacvalue: 26.9k
It is called gaiablade and identified as 'longsword', 'emerald longsword', 'glittering longsword' and 'sword'.
Made of Missing material
Size: Missing size
Quality: Missing quality
From: Drow tower
Compares between: Unknown and Unknown