Goddess garden

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General description: (missing description)
Location on Laenor: (missing location)
Difficulty: (missing difficulty)
Coder: (missing coder)
Size (in rooms): (missing size in rooms)
Map of the area: (missing map of the area)

NPCs at the area:

Name Exp Race Alignment Aggro
A TREMENDOUS firedragon 331k - 348k
Angry guard, leaning on the wall 29215-39929
Arong, the battlemaster 311k - 387k
Chicot, The king of jesters 428k
Dark Knight is grinning here 230k
Dragon baby 19k - 26k monster
Fazid, the chief of mages 138k human
Green dragon, humming in the air 49k - 52k
Icedragon, eating the bodies 81k - 95k monster
Jane, the Goddess 955k - 1195k Goddess
Lygoa, the vampire stands here (undead) 66614 vampire evil
Mage of the black robes 46k
Mage of the red robes 25k
Mage of the white robes 15k
Odo, the brave hunter 290k - 454k
Proud looking eagle flies here 141k (a lot tune) neutral no
Shadow guard patrols here 100k
Shadowlord, the commander 141k - 183k
Skeleton, hunting for food (undead) 51567
Skeleton warrior (undead) 89420
Slimy and huge rat 23k - 24k monster
Small kid is playing here with sand 412
Youngster is trying to study here 18k