Gou'ljeg, a huge, ancient beholder

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This creature, a spherical, living object of many eyes -- a beholder -- is a true abomination for its kind. It's in the ending sequence of a mutational process to become something far more powerful than a regular beholder. Its ten eyestalks have withered away, and the eyes are now embedded in bulges on top of the orb, and are protected with overlapping chitin plates which cover the whole sphere. Apart from the ten smaller eyes, it has a huge main eye -- a deep scar running across the eyelid -- on the upper portion of its body; below which lies a huge maw, filled with hundreds of light-yellow needle-like teeth.
Ancient beholder's equipment:

One random item:

Spells: Does not cast spells
Skills: Does not have skills
Area: Ancient temple in northwestern Furnachia
Alignment: neutral
Race: beholder
Exp worth: 1223k - 1519k
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