Great axe of the Vikings

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Great axe of the Vikings <red glow>
It is about 6 feets in height and the axe-blades are on both sides of the strong shaft.
It contains a tale;
Grundalore Skarpesky was a poor hall drudge until his master's greed for plunder forced him to go a-viking to keep his family safe for the winter. It was said that his acts of courage and kindness during his travels caused the gods themselves to take pity on Grundalore's plight. Knowing he had the heart and soul of a true warrior, they forged a true warrior's weapon with which to set things right. On his return home, he found that his family had been treated brutally by his master. Swearing vengence, he confronted him and his retainers, fighting them to victory. However, even in vengence he was kind, allowing the survivors to yield. Truly the Gods had chosen well. On Grundalore's death, the axe dissapeared, but those of his descendents which had a courageous heart were gifted with mysterious necklaces. Seers told that one day these tokens would come together to revive the source of Grundalore's power.
Weapon type: great axe
Stats: +5 str or +5 con or +5 hpr, emits darkness
It looks very very heavy (31.8 kg)
Sacvalue: 904k (31.8kg version)
It is called Viking great axe and identified as 'viking axe', 'great axe of the vikings', 'great' and 'axe'
It takes the following slot: Missing type/slot
Made of: uranium
Size: medium-sized
Quality: sterling
From: Vikings event
Other info: Weight depends on material which varies. Highsteel = 12.2 kg, Uranium = 31.8 kg, Gold = 32.4 kg, Iridium 37.6 kg. 12.2 kg version compares equal to Mighty axe of Marion, 32.4 kg version compares equal to Nightfall, proclaimer of death eternal, 37.6 kg version compares equal to Black Reaver's Axe